Landscape Design

Let's collaborate to create a custom design concept for your outdoor space, aligned with your style and desired maintenance level. The design concept includes an overhead plan view, perspective renderings, and a detailed plant list. 

A landscape plan will help you compare estimates from contractors and communicate your goals effectively. 

What People Are Saying

"This bed next to the sidewalk was my least favorite part of our yard. The soil is extremely rocky and it always was the first to fill up with weeds I could never keep up with. I was embarrassed to have this strip be what people would see as they walked by our home.

Chelsea quickly was able to select plants for this space that would thrive in the rocky soil with direct west sun exposure. As the plantings have filled in, we now have a thriving bed full of a color show that changes throughout the year.

As I see people walk by now I know that they are admiring the variety of plants and textures and colors they show off in what is now my favorite space in the yard. Having someone who knows exactly how to manage the landscape as it already exists and create a space of beauty is worth so much!"


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